Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Great Review!

I wanted to share this really great review of The September Sisters posted by BookKids. They called The September Sisters a "MUST pick up" book, and said the book is, ". . . a touching, beautiful story about one girl’s struggle to find love in the rubble left by a whirlwind of unimaginable events. The September Sisters is both tragic and sweet, captured perfectly with Cantor’s striking voice." You can click here to read the whole review.

I poked around their site, and found out that BookKids is the children's section of the largest independent book store in Texas, BookPeople. It looks and sounds so awesome --I'm totally wishing I lived close enough to Austin to go hang out there!

And. . . have you noticed the countdown widget? That's right. Single digits!!! In 9 short days The September Sisters will be released! It recently occurred to me that I should do something on my release day. Any suggestions?


Arrion said...

Bookpeople is an AWESOME bookstore. You should visit Austin and do a signing there! I saw your book posted on a Facebook Friend's (high school classmate) profile status. Looking forward to reading it!

Jillian Cantor said...

Bookpeople sounds awesome! Thanks for your nice note! I hope you enjoy the book :-).