Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Here's an update: I'm still only on page 75 of Wally Lamb's new book -- which means I've got a long way to go till the end. But I haven't read much in the past two weeks. I've been working furiously on my new adult book, and I have a problem with reading another book while I'm really in the midst of writing my own. There are only so many characters I can allow in my head at once! But I'm going to get back to Wally Lamb, just as soon as I finish my draft. In fact, maybe I will make it my New Year's resolution.

But it's today it's Thanksgiving, which means I'll be cooking instead of reading or writing. So head on over to The Novel Girls to check out my Thanksgiving post! (I've even added a picture of my ugly but tasty pineapple upside down cake from earlier in the week.)

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

752 Pages!

I was so excited to get Wally Lamb's new book, The Hour I First Believed, in the mail yesterday. (Of course I pre-ordered it from Amazon weeks ago!). I'm only 40 pages into it, but I'm enjoying it immensely so far. No one can make a character, a story, or a voice come alive like Wally Lamb. I was hooked on the first page, and I've been thinking about the book all day, wanting to get back to it. The good news is that the book is 752 pages, which means I'll be able to savor it; I'll be able to look forward to reading something good every night. The bad news is that the book is 752 pages, because, well, I barely have time to sleep as it is.

I read the acknowledgments first (as I always do), and he mentioned that it took him 9 years to write the book. 9 years!! I can't even imagine the patience and the painstaking work that must have gone into that. I'm absolutely awed!

So I'll let you know when I finish the book, and what I think of the 752 pages in the end. But I'm already crossing my fingers that he'll get an Oprah Book Club three-peat.

PS. Over at The Novel Girls, we're blogging about recipes this week. Click on over to read about my disasters in baking!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blogging with Harperteen

Harperteen invited me to blog on their MySpace page today! Since first love is an important aspect of THE SEPTEMBER SISTERS, I wrote about my own first love!

Click here to check it out, and while you're there check out the awesome Harperteen MySpace site!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Author, A President

I came across this article this morning that talks about President-elect Obama as a writer. I was interested in the interviews with some of my all-time favorite authors, Toni Morrison and Jane Smiley, but also in the whole idea the article purports that Obama is actually a "peer" to other authors.

After you check that out, be sure to stop by The Novel Girls and check out my post on revision.

And coming next week, I'll be blogging on the Harperteen Myspace site. (More details to come.)But in the meantime, the site is lots of fun, so drop on by.