Friday, August 6, 2010

Remember Me?

Why yes, it has been an embarrassingly long time since I've posted anything to this blog. And yes, I am still here. And yes, I do have an excuse for my absence. Sort of. I've been writing. A lot. Hard at work on two different books that hopefully, I'll be able to tell you more about in the near future. And when I'm writing fiction, it's hard for me to think about writing (or reading) anything else. If you think this blog had been horribly neglected, you should see my to-be-read pile, aka those enormous leaning towers of books in the space that used to occupy my night table.

But anyway, I've finally come up for some air, and I've realized that it is less than three months until THE TRANSFORMATION OF THINGS comes out! And in the spirit of transformation, I've decided to start a new blog, in which I transform myself, do a sort of negativity detox if you will. I hope you'll follow along because I'm hoping it'll be a fun and maybe even funny journey for me over the next few months. As my mom said when I sent her the link -- "How will you *ever* be able to find that many things to be positive about?" If nothing else, I love to prove my mom wrong!

If you become a follower of my new blog (click here) -- I'll enter you to win a signed ARC of THE TRANSFORMATION OF THINGS. I'll pick a winner next Friday!

In the meantime, I'll still be blogging about writing/author related news over. Yes, I promise. I really will!