Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Contest Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered the contest! I wish I had ARCs to send to all of you, but unfortunately I don't, so I had to use to pick only two of you.

The winners are. . .Kelsey (from Reading Keeps You Sane) and Shalonda.

E-mail me with your addresses and how you'd like the book signed.

The good news is The September Sisters will be out in bookstores in 32 days! One month!! And I'm planning on a contest to give away a signed hardcover copy of the book around that time. So if you didn't win this time, you'll have more chances to win!


Lenore said...

Congrats you two!

TruNerd said...

awww. Congrats guys!

Jillian, i am SO entering the next contes; i am REALLY low on book money :(

hehe. thanks for holding the contest!